Getting Started

We're very happy to see you getting started with our API! However, this API is still very experimental and changes (rarely, but possibly, breaking ones) are very likely to happen and without notice.

This API is for personal use only. For any commercial use of this API, please contact us.

Finally, the API is very experimental, and may change without notice.

CodeBottle's API is a very simple, quota-less, JSON RESTful API. It's important to read this page, as all other pages expect you to have read this.

The base URL is:

Accept Header

Because CodeBottle's API is very experimental, even if you're explicit about the API version, we might introduce breaking changes without incrementing the API version! (essentially we tell lies below)

You can set the Accept header to:


When you do that, you can be sure that we will be serving you the right API version, regardless of whether there are newer versions available. This ensures that your application will not break when the API is updated. If you do not set an Accept header, the latest version will be served.

We highly recommend you to set the Accept header, as this will greatly improve the stability of your application.

Basic schema

The API always responds with JSON, except a successful request with status code of 204, no data will be returned and you should not parse the response.

If the successful request has a status code of 2xx (excluding 204), the response will be an object or an array of objects representing the actual data, meaning it isn't wrapped in a data key or anything.

If the response however, happens to be an error, the response will look like:

    error: "Something broke", // Human readable error

Good read! Now you know the basics, you can move directly to the section that interests you in the API documentation.