VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and originally describes a technology that allows you to securely access resources on your private network from anywhere in the world. VPN encrypts your Internet connection starting from your network card to a VPN server. This encryption takes place in real time and reliably prevents recording or eavesdropping of […]

There are many programming languages. Some come, some go, a few stay. One of them is PHP, which is especially important in the environment of web applications. If you want to learn PHP from scratch, here is a compact introduction. Learn PHP: An introduction to the programming language PHP is constantly being developed and now […]

Java – Disadvantages The biggest advantage is also a disadvantage at the same time: the performance is reduced, because Java code is interpreted by the interpreter (which makes platform independence possible). Currently, Java applications are somewhat slower than comparable applications written in C++ Java – Advantages – is simple – because it is structured – […]

The biggest advantage of compiled languages is their execution speed. Since the programs are already available in the native machine code, there is no need for an intermediate step through an interpreter or similar. Compiled languages are also usually type-safe, i.e. the type of variables must always be declared. Another advantage of compiled languages is […]

As an experienced software company with extensive technological know-how, we can not only explain theoretically which models are used when, but also implement them practically. Process models of software development determine which activities are carried out in which order in the entire software life cycle. Today, more than 50 recognized models are in use, which […]

If you want to calculate the cost of software development, we recommend that you consider the cost factors listed in the article when analyzing your business requirements. If you are already looking for an IT outsourcing provider, ScienceSoft’s experienced development team is at your disposal. The question “How much does it cost?” is often asked […]