Privacy Policy

What we collect and store

Personal data you provide

We collect some of your personally identifiable information when you sign up to use our services. When you create an account, you share with us your email, nickname, and sometimes you link us to your profiles on other third-party services, which could provides us with a broader range of information about you.

Data we automatically collect and store

We collect some information that is not personally identifiable. We store and log your requests to our services, along with properties such as IP address, browser type and language, and the timestamp we received your request. We do not collect any information that tracks your location deeper than city-level.

We occasionally store some data on your browser's local storage, purely for service functionality. We delete the data we store as soon as it is un-needed.

We use cookies to empower our services. We use Cloudflare to protect our systems against security threats, which you may want to read their own privacy policy. We also use Google Analytics to get analytics on how you use our services to help improve our decisions to provide a better service. You may also want to read their privacy policy. Both of these services store cookies on every request you make to our website, and both of these services do not sell, rent, or share personal information with third parties for their marketing purposes.

Why we collect the data

Personal information you provide is necessary to ensure consistency, reliability, and security of our services. There is some data that is entirely optional and not required, you may or may not provide this information, and it is primarily used to enhance the functionality of our services.

The non-personally identifiable information is collected to for analytics. We use analytics to get an idea on who uses our website, how they do use and interact with our website, and when they use it. We use these information to make better decisions, improve our products and better reach target audiences. We do not sell or rent any of these information for marketing purposes. We may, however, share your data if necessary to prevent a fraud or a threat; or to protect our users or the public against any harm.

The data we store on your browser is mandatory for service functionality and security, as well as collecting the analytical data as stated above. You can entirely disable cookies and other storage mechanisms in your browser settings, but you should be aware that this may break or alter the functionality of our services, so you should expect some features to not work as expected.