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public void centerControl(Control accessControl, Control parentControl, bool centerX, bool centerY)
{ /* Example of usage: centerControl(pictureBox, panelMain, true, true); */
   int newX = accessControl.Location.X, newY = accessControl.Location.Y;

   if (centerX) { newX = (parentControl.Width - accessControl.Width) / 2; }
   if (centerY) { newY = (parentControl.Height - accessControl.Height) / 2; }
   accessControl.Location = new Point(newX, newY);

Call this function with proper args to center elements in a parent container

1st arg: name of the control you wish to have centered 2nd arg: name of the parent control you wish to have the item centered in 3rd arg: center horizontally, boolean, true|false 4th arg: center vertically, boolean, true|false