Let me google that for you! Sarcastic embed for Sporks

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var arr = message.content.split(' ');
if (arr[0] == '!lmgtfy') {
  var m = message.content.substring(8, message.content.length);
  create_embed(CHANNEL_ID, {
    "color": 0xFFFF00, 
    "description": "Let me google that for you!\n\n<https://lmgtfy.com/?q=" + encodeURI(m) + ">",
    "footer": {
        "link": "https:\/\/sporks.gg\/",
        "text": author.username + " thinks you should google before asking questions.",
        "icon_url": "https:\/\/www.sporks.gg\/images\/sporks_2019.png"
    "thumbnail": {
        "url": "http:\/\/www.giyf.com\/gfx\/en\/simpsons_board.gif"

Let me Google that for you is a simple script for Sporks to add a !lmgtfy command to your channel. Simply add any text you want after the command and the bot will form a url which you can send to someone who you really think should use Google before asking you stupid questions...